Mobile Yard Ramp for Container 6 Ton

Mobile Yard Ramp for Container 6 Ton
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Mobile Yard Ramp for Container 6 Ton


Brief Introduction about Mobile Yard Ramp


Mobile Yard Ramp is widely used in loading and unloading sites, usually ancillary equipments which can be used with the forklifts for loading and unloading goods. Their height can be adjusted according to the height of cars. With the help of the equipment , the forklifts can drive into the carriage to carry out batch loading and unloading tasks.


Basic Parameters-Mobile Yard Ramp


Name Mobile Yard Ramp for Container 6 Ton
Model DCQY-6
Capacity 6000KG
Adjustable Range 1.1-1.8m
Overall Dimention 11400*2000*1100MM
Operating Type By Manual

Other Parameters for Reference


Model Capacity(TON) Adjustable Rang(M) Overall Size Operating Type
DCQY-8 8 1.1-1.8 11400*2000*1100MM




By Manual

DCQY-10 10 1.1-1.8 11400*2000*1100MM
DCQY-12 12 1.1-1.8 11400*2000*1100MM
DCQY-15 15 1.1-1.8 11400*2000*1100MM


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Main Features


1.This model are economical type, without supporting leg.

2. Make high efficiency material handling, only one person is workable.

3. Match perfect to forklift , height adjustable, with tries , easy for move place.

4. Power Units: Manual Hydraulic Station, no need AC power, no sparks.

5. Anti-rust ,water-proof, anti-skip, explosion proof, can use normal in rainy snowy day.

6.High quality seal components from Japan NOK, reliable quality to clear any worry about oil leakage.

7. Platform surface is with anti-slip design, will never deformation(anti-slip density:30*25mm)

8.Manual operating hydraulic system, the operating handle is very friendly, work comfortably.

9.Security Protection —Steel chains to fix dock leveler and containers, avoid big displacement.




Package: seaworthy package.

Delivery time:15 working days after advance payment.





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